Dingwall Wargames Club -
A group of like-minded wargaming souls who come together weekly to participate in mainly historical table top encounters. The Club is for over-18's.

We game a number of different periods, including Ancients, English Civil War (ECW),  Napoleonic and World War II. We battle using a number of rule sets, DBA, DBM,  Nap's Battles, Rapid Fire! and our own ECW rule set, "Nothing Venture, Nothing Have", an updated version of which, will be available on this web site later.

We normally meet for games on a Monday night; 19:00 for starting at 19:30 hrs, finishing around 22:30 hrs.

We also do a number of all day games, starting about 10:00 hrs., running to 17:00 hrs., usually on a Sunday, with a game around New Year.

Anyone is welcome to attend. We have no subscriptions, but collect 2 per night attended and use this for purchasing Club equipment and attending Carronade, Claymore, SKELP and TARGE.

**Please note** We aim to provide an entertaining and interesting night's gaming each week BUT with a style of banter and non-political correctness which emphasises that we are not overly serious nor uncomfortably competitive - all levels of experience in wargaming are welcome. You don't have to own an anorak!


The following pen pictures are an attempt to introduce you to the type of gamer that can be found in our Club. Any similarity between them and other members of the human race, alive or dead, is definitely coincidental and probably insulting to the other party.

Gordon E - The father figure and founding member. He is responsible for our existence but like all good fathers, he doesn't accept responsibility for his own actions. He would like to meet another Warhammer player but we have done all we can to prevent this.

Andrew J - The 'Brains' of the group. He has been gaming since the beginning of time. He is the author of all our 'House Rule' sets and probably the only one with the vocabulary to make them understandable! He can read and write. He also usually runs the Campaign games and interprets the meaning of life (according to gamers) for our benefit. He rarely loses. He knows the rules.

Calum MacR - A 'Superior General', affectionately known as 'Sir Calum de Heeme'- our knight in shining armour! His reputation for winning ways precedes him each week- as the others clamour to be on his side. He makes winning look so easy that it is common comment that "something smells" when he is about! He modestly states that if he had been in charge the first time round, there wouldn't have been a second Gulf War.

Derrick C - Not Frederick the Great but an aspirant to such level. Will buy anything metal, particularly if no-one else has it. Not very compatible but we work round it, all round! He claims also that if he had ran the first show, there wouldn't have been a second Gulf War - we would now all be speaking Arabic.

Alistair S - Historical. So much so he won't even try anything new without complaining. Has a tendency to demand the impossible of his own side players and then demand detailed reasons for 'their' failures. Real Officer material - Best ignored.

Mark W - Electrifying opponent. A real bright spark on the table. There is a buzz when he throws his die. Oh, sorry - he works for the local power company, when not collecting lead & painting 20mm Arnhem.

Alan W - The painter. Coming along nicely since he joined the Club. Has started to produce a level of realism to his figures that no longer confuses between dark ages and modern. Has produced hundreds of 25 mm figures to go with his 5' by 3' Alamo model, Rorkes Drift to name but 2. Honestly believes that 25 mm is the one true scale.

Andy B - A true professional. There ain't nuthin' he ain't painted (?). Keeps building armies and then starting again. Can't keep up with him. Doesn't get rattled, just sits in there watching and waiting. One day he will attack and we will all know about it! He also gathers the funds and squanders them on whatever whim takes his fancy at the Wargames Shows we attend- claiming it's what we wanted/needed/etc.

Neil J - The youngest member. Also the son of AJ. Still learning the ropes, but able to old his own against the most challenging of rule mongers.

Giles BD - The newest full time member. We haven't scared him off just yet, but we must be getting close!

There you go. That's them. Residents from Tain to Inverness, the Black Isle and Dingwall. They might even live in a house near you!

DWGC 2013